Posted by: makkf | April 21, 2011

服務愛滋病基金會二十年 Serving the HKAF for 20 Years





I was presented a 20 Years Service Award by the Hong Kong AIDS Foundation on 17 April 2011.

I have served the Hong Kong AIDS Foundation with pride for 20 years from the establishment of the HKAF in 1991. I have received their Outstanding Service Awards many times.

Unfortunately, the discrimination against AIDS, especially, correlating HIV+/AIDS withindiscriminate sexual behaviours, is still apparent after so many years. At the same time, the people with high risk, for example those having casual sex (including homosexuals, bi-sexuals or heterosexuals) and those involved in the sex industry (both the customers & the workers) are less cautious with the introduction of the Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy, thinking that that would cure the disease. But if discreet precaution is not taken, everybody is vulnerable to the infection. Hence, I appeal for the citizens not to feel complacent on the matter. The condition can only be controlled with the discreet precaution taken by everyone.

Facing these problems, I hope that people would be aware of the issue. I further appeal to the government for more resources to put AIDS prevention into public health education and also in generic education of the pupils by including it in textbooks.


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