Posted by: makkf | February 28, 2011






  1. I have also been watching the situation closely and noticed more pile-up of up-hill traffic from Link Rd to Leighton Rd in late afternoon. Should there be a longer green light for up-hill traffic in the afternoon ( compared to longer green light for downhill flow in the morning, like before)? Moreoever, I noticed that the pedestrian light went green on at least one occassion last week when no one was near the said traffic light! Shouldn’t it be a on-demand type of traffice light? I have great fear that the second set of pedestrian lights down Link Road will aggravate the congestion further!

    • I will inform the Transport Department of your suggestion and concerns. Thank you very much for your comment!

  2. It’s very concerning to know that the second set of traffic lights will be implemented on Aug 31, 2011 as indicated on the construction signage.

    Could someone confirm whether there has been serious pedestrian traffic accident in the recent year happened on Link Road? Are there any real statistics to back up the installation of this second set of lights when the traffic along Broadwood and Link Road is already very congested?

    Unless the benefit of installing the second set of lights outweights the costs of more traffic congestion and noise pollution at Link Road, the second set of lights should not be put to test or use. This would only worsen the present traffic situation around Ventris Road, Broadwood Road and then to Link Road.

    More discussion (not just notification by newsletters) with the voters and residents around that area is recommended.

    Mr. T. Chan

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