Posted by: makkf | November 19, 2010

跑馬地養和醫院重建及加高計劃公眾諮詢會 Public Consultation Forum on the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital Expanasion Project

日期:十一月二十四日 (星期三)



The Planning Department is holding a public consultation forum for the amendments to the Wong Nai Chung Outline Zoning Plan. Details are as followed:
Date: 24th November 2010 (Wednesday)
Time: 7:30pm to 9pm
Venue:Leighton Hill Community Centre, 133 Wong Nai Chung Road
Reason: To discuss the relaxation of height restriction to allow the redevelopment and expansion project of the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital, namely, to erect two buildings of about 30-storey (115mPD) and about 20-storey (89mPD) in height

Public are welcome to present their views or ask questions about the issues.
If you cannot attend the forum, you can still present your views on the issue until 30th November to the Town Planning Board. Please see for further information.


  1. 哇, 原本兩座十二層, 跟住又加高到兩座二十一層, 而家又要討論加高到兩座三十和二十層, 哇不如俾養和做埋政府果份好過, 我地要政府黎做乜野, 曾任權係咪痴左線

  2. 有關養和醫院重建討論

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