Posted by: makkf | August 13, 2009

Preview of Newsletter 3.5.4 支持保育、保留灣仔特色建築 Preserving Wan Chai’s Unique Architecture



Wan Chai is one of the districts in Hong Kong with the earliest settlement and development. There you can find buildings with unique architectural style and historical heritage. However, due to the growing population and obsolescence, many of these buildings are now facing the fate of demolition and reconstruction.What makes Wan Chai special is its rich cultural and historical background. Preserving the historical heritage is one of the fundamental principles of conservation and development.

I fully support preserving the historical heritage on site and a conservation policy that provides the necessary repair and renewal for the historical heritage. No one should demolish the historical heritage of Wan Chai in the name of development.

024  Visiting Parks in WC with DC members025 bluehouse2

Wan Chai District Council taking a tour of the historical monuments in Wan Chai and the Blue House at the Stone Nullah Lane.


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