Posted by: makkf | August 13, 2009

Preview of Newsletter 3.4.3 不滿綠色專線小巴票價過高 Complaints against high fees for green minibus




When the operators of the minibus 14M applied to raise its fee in 2008, I agreed to the raise with the condition that the fee be reviewed every half-a-year according to the oil prices. Yet after the oil price lowered under the Financial Crisis, 14M has not lowered its fee.  Hence I have consulted the Transport Department to reflect the residents’ dissatisfaction.

The Transport Department explained that the current level of minibus fee is to compensate the loss of the minibus operators when it applied the raise late last year. Hence there is no room for the operators to reduce the fee.

It is unfair that the Transport Department did not reviewed the minibus fee according to my endorsement conditions . Adding to that  its explanation for not reviewing the fee does not make any sense. Therefore I cannot accept the explanation of the Transport Department.

018 minibus

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