Posted by: makkf | August 13, 2009

Preview of Newsletter 3.3.2 監察狗隻隨處便溺問題 Monitoring the Problem of Dogs Defecating


有人投訴有部分人士攜犬散步時任由狗隻便溺, 嚴重影響區內衛生及市容。食環署收到本人要求後已清洗街道,以除臭味。


Citizens should take the responsibility to keep the environment clean.

I have received complaints about people allowing their pets to defecate without cleaning up afterwards. This seriously affect public hygiene and amenity. The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has cleansed the street to remove the odor.

I hereby encourage all dog walkers to be considerate and clean up after your pets. There are dog toilets at no. 19 and no. 22 on Ventris Road , and faeces collecting box es at no. 20 on Broadwood Road and no.5 on Link Road. Also, please bring water with you to spray at the liquid waste.

012 Faeces Collector

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