Posted by: makkf | August 12, 2009

Preview of Newsletter 3.2.3 與官員視察樂活道及連道一帶的交通設施 Inspecting the Transport Facilities along Broadwood Road and Link Road with Government Officials





Broadwood Road and Link Road lack transport facilities to ensure road safety.

Mr. Leung Cheong-kit from the Transport Department and I went to inspect the above mentioned area in April. I have suggested the department to add a pedestrian crossing at the conjunction of the two roads and railings along Broadwood Road.

The department has recently suggested several locations along Broadwood Road to install the railings, hopefully by October. The department, however, has not settle on which type of railings to be installed. Please let us know your view on that.

The department is still designing the pedestrian crossing lights at the junction of Broadwood Road and Link Road and hopefully will install the light by December. I hope that the new facilities will better protect the pedestrians of our neighbourhood.

007 railings008 Broadwood_Road_(proposed_railing)009 GI Bollard010 Tubular Amenity011 Type II






One of the sketches of the suggested locations of railings installation amd the three types of railings available for installation.


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