Posted by: makkf | August 12, 2009

Preview of Newsletter 3.2.1 金山花園斜坡維修進展 The Progress of San Francisco Towers Slope Maintenance




Since the landslide in August 2008,  I have provided assistance to the residents of the San Francisco Towers. The case was later taken up by the Hon WONG Yuk-man, member of the Legislative Council.  The members of the Legislative Council met the residents and arranged a site visit with the Development Bureau and the corresponding departments.

In January, I attended the site visit organized by the Legislative Council and learned about the condition of the slope and the maintenance plan from the SF Towers IO along with several members of the Legislative Council and government officials. Currently the maintenance work is underway.

Civil Engineering and Development Department said the maintenance work of the slop will be completed in September. After that the department will spend a month or two to apply greening techniques on the man-made slope to beautify the environment and preserve the green space.

004 Inspecting SF Towers Slope Maintainance 2005 SF Towers Slope Maintainance

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