Posted by: makkf | August 12, 2009

Preview of Newsletter 3.1.2 正視年青人吸毒問題 Face the Problem of Teenage Drug Abuse





Drug abuse among our youths has become a focal point of the city.

We have to admit that schools in Hong Kong are no longer sanctuaries from drug abuse, including those in Wan Chai. Only a sound policy that could educate the youths to stay away from drugs, eradicate drug supplies into Hong Kong and provide sufficient rehabilitation facilities for drug addicts can solve the problem. However, the government’s handling of the relocation of Christian Zheng Sheng College reflected that the government lacks coordinated policies and public consultation in handling the matters.

The core of the anti-drug campaign should be education: teaching the youths to stay away from drugs, let them understand the consequences of drug addiction, and prevent them from trying it for the first time. Without effective education programs, the number of addicts would increase and require even more rehabilitation facilities. The government has put the cart before the horse as it implemented drug testing schemes rather than the educational part of the campaign first.

Teenage drug abuse is a complex social problem. I hope the anti-drug campaign led by the Chief Executive will implement a “NO DRUG” policy that will uproot the drug abuse problem through preemptive actions.


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