Posted by: makkf | August 12, 2009

Preview of Newsletter 3.1.1 同心對抗人類豬型流感 Fight Human Swine Flu


自從人類豬型流感在五月一日於香港出現首個確診個案, 政府封鎖灣仔 維景酒店進行隔離,本人便要求灣仔區議會主席召開特別會議,相討疫情。我提議加快進行一系列環境衞生活動,例如「全城清潔運動」及要求食物環境衞生署加強清洗街道及其他衞生黑點。




Since the outbreak of Human Swine Influenza (HSI) in Hong Kong in May, I have requested a special meeting for the Wan Chai District Council to discuss the pandemic. I have suggested the government to speed up the Clean Hong Kong campaign and the process of streets and hygiene blackspot cleansing.

In June, the influenza started to spread in the community. In order to prevent large scale outbreak of HSI in our community, my staffs have put up signs and banners in the district to arouse awareness for HSI.

Citizens should be hygienic: wash hands frequently, use serving chopsticks, cover cough and sneezes; keep the environment clean and maintain good ventilation; avoid visiting crowded or poorly-ventilated places. Citizens should also be responsible: if influenza-like symptoms develop, put on a mask and seek medical attention as soon as possible; stay home, avoid contact with others, do not go to work or school, and defer trips. Finally, citizens should be vigilant: pay attention to advice and guidelines issued by the government with respect to provision of medical services, traveling, border health control, suspension of schools and public events.

001 Clean HK Campaign002 Distributing Cleansing Kit







Members of Wan Chai District Council participated in cleansing activities and helped distribute HSI prevention kit.

003 共同對抗流感





One of the banners put up by my office.


同枱食飯 請用公筷
有流感徵狀 請儘快求醫
勿觸摸口鼻 減感染風險
注意個人衞生 預防感染流感
流感來勢洶洶 切勿掉以輕心
注意家居清潔 有助預防流感
勤潔手,戴口罩 嚴防感染流感
若出現流感病徵 切勿上班或上學


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